You're A Salty B#tch Bath Salts, Fruity As F#ck

Mad Mimsy

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These Bath Salts are amazing. Fruity as F#ck and relaxing as all get out.

Here at Mad Mimsy we celebrate diversity & inclusion 365 days a year, not just one month. These Pride inspired bath salts are dyed with vegetable based food coloring and scented with a variety of essential oils - including lemon, orange, raspberry and strawberry. Each layer is a different scent and different color. You'll love how relaxing you'll feel after soaking, and how soft your skin will be!

Aren’t ya just that, a salty b*tch? So pour some of these into your bath and soak. Bath salts contain many beneficial minerals including: magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromide, and of course, sodium. In a warm bath, where your pores are already open, these minerals are easily absorbed through the skin. So, this sh*t doesn’t just smell good, it’s good for you too!

Do your best to keep the salts from getting water mixed in, I provide a wooden spoon to assist. Why? Well, because once you introduce water to the salts the magic formula that keeps this all natural will be compromised and you’ll need to use it all within a week. Water is a killer for natural products. In order for me to keep my products all natural and avoid adding chemical preservatives, you’ll need to keep water out.

This scrub includes all natural ingredients. 

Instructions: Use the scoop provided, use your own scoop, or just pour it into the tub. Soak and relax!

Shelf life: 1 year, provided you don’t add water (if you get water in the salts, use within a week)
Net Volume: 8 oz
Ingredients: sea salt, epsom salts, sodium bicarbonate, essential oils