Sole Crusher Foot Scrub

Mad Mimsy

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How is it so important that women’s feet be beautiful? Isn’t it hard enough keeping up with the beauty standards for our face, hair & bodies, but our feet too? Feet by nature take a beating, they smell, they sweat, they get calluses. Of course they do, we walk around on them all d@mn day! Instead of just accepting feet are feet, and pretty nasty, we go get the skin shaved off our feet at a salon so they can look ‘acceptable’. Ugh. Seriously?

Our exfoliating foot scrub is the absolute best you’ll ever use. It’s moisturizing. Super moisturizing. Very moisturizing. Did we mention moisturizing? It’s also exfoliating. It’s basically the a$$ kicker of foot scrubs. It will take your ganky, dirty, smelly, feet and make them as soft as a baby’s a$$.

Use this scrub as often as needed and your feet will be ready to crush more souls.

This exfoliating foot scrub includes all natural ingredients. Options come with various scents as well as unscented for anyone looking for moisture without added scent. In fact, it has so much moisturizing oils in it, you may prefer to use it in the shower over the tub.

Instructions: Put your fingers in, smear on your foot, scrub with a pumice stone or your washcloth, rinse.

Warning: If you have ANY balance issues, stand on a washcloth for stability when you use, or sit down. This foot scrub is so moisturizing that your feet sometimes get slippery in the shower. You’ve been warned!

Scent Options:
Smart Cookie Scent is a scent fragrance of Grandma's kitchen. Sort of like a cross between an oatmeal cookie and some honeyPlain Jane is an unscented version of this foot scrub. In it's pure state you will smell a slightly nutty and chocolate scent, this comes from the shea butter and cocoa butter

Let Them Eat Cake is a scent created with a blend of essential oils that smells just like a freshly baked lemon cake

Shelf Life: One Year

Net Volume: 4 oz
Ingredients: Mimsy Attitude! Also, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Walnut Shell Powder, Benzoic Acid and Scent / Essential Oils