Mouthy B#tch Lip Balm - All Natural

Mad Mimsy

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Use this anytime you need to keep your lips moisturized while you’re telling off the various folks in your life that deserve to be put in their place. Seriously, being alive in this world is hard sometimes. Why are people so stupid?

This is an all natural solution to those products in the drugstores across the world. And, petroleum jelly? Please, who wants to put a byproduct of the oil industry on their mouth? Gross. Use this instead.

Mouthy B#tch Lip Balm is made with all natural products, flavored and unflavored options available. Smear a bit of this on your lips and you’ll be ready to keep mouthing off for hours and hours.

Flavor Descriptions:
Plain Jane is an unflavored option
Latte & Yoga Pants is a vanilla coffee flavor
Brunch B#tches is a strawberry lemon flavor
Berry Ballsy is an acqi berry flavor
So Basic Vanilla is a french vanilla flavor

Instructions: Open tin, dip finger, spread on your mouthy mouth
Net volume: 0.25 oz
Ingredients: Mimsy Attitude! Also, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Flavor