Man Hands Balm

Mad Mimsy

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Battle those man hands with this balm! Do you have chronically dry hands? Do they hurt after you wash them? Do you suffer from eczema? Do you wash your hands repeatedly for your job (healthcare workers, restaurant workers)? Well, f#ck that noise! Try Man Hands Balm! We've created this formula to protect and heal dry skin. After washing your hands, just open your magic tin, rub some into your hands and on your way you go. The balm protects your hands to help the healing process between washing. This product is not sticky or messy, just protective and healing. These tins are also designed to fit into your pocket or purse for ease of use and transport.

This little tin of hand balm is about the same as a five ounce bottle of lotion (the size typically found in a purse). This is lotion is formulated without all the added water and preservatives, so you will find yourself using just a tiny bit and it lasts a long time keeping your hands smooth and protected for hours, even after washing your hands! 

This balm includes all natural ingredients, good for those with allergy issues. Options come with various scents as well as unscented for anyone looking for protection without added scent.

This is good for health care workers, people working in construction, those suffering from eczema, anyone working with food, gardeners, and the list goes on and on.

Our Hand Balm comes in three scents:
Unscented (yes, that's a scent). The Shea Butter gives the unscented version a nutty, earthy, natural scent.
Get Lei'd This is a fragrance reminiscent of the Hawaiian flowers and sea breeze. 
Earthy MoFo This is a blend of essential oils, sweet and earthy

Don't Tell Me To Smile this is a blend of essential oils that will calm, relax and bring joy

Instructions:  Rub your fingers in tin, spread the balm on the affected area (hands, feet, elbows). Fall in love. But remember, we won't marry you. 
Shelf Life: 1 year
Net Volume: 1 oz 
Ingredients: Mimsy Attitude! Also, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Essential Oils