Fix Your Face Bundle - Resting B#tch Face - Moisturizing Face Mask & Clarifying Face Mask

Mad Mimsy

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This bundle includes both our best selling face masks, Resting B#tch Face Moisturizing Face Mask & Resting B#tch Face Clarifying Face Mask (It's Not A Tumor!).

Throwing shade and side eye all day is hard on your face. Use this face mask to rejuvenate your skin for another day of shade, because we all know there’s more shade to throw.

These face masks are very conditioning, your skin will feel renewed and regenerated without the use of botox or chemical peels. After use, your skin will be soft and supple ready for many days of side eye.

Why powder? We don’t add any preservatives to our products. Because of that, this product is in powder form. If it was in a liquid state, it wouldn’t be shelf stable without additives and preservatives. You're welcome. No one thanks us enough.

This mask includes all natural ingredients. The ingredients have a natural, clean scent, but no additional scent is added.

Each 2 ounce container contains enough face mask for 3-5 uses.

Instructions: put approx 1 - 2 tsp of the powder mask in your hand or in a bowl, add approx 1 tbs of water & mix, if you get clumps, add a bit more water to even it out. You can make this as thick as you’d like. Use your fingers to spread on your face. After 5-10 minutes wash off. When using the clarifying mask, do not mix with metal (plastic, wood or your fingers are good).

Shelf life: 1 year, provided you don’t add water
Net Volume: 2 oz
Ingredients:  Mimsy Attitude!  Also: goat milk powder, fullers earth powder, activated charcoal powder (this is only in the It's Not A Tumor mask), alum

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