Dragon Lady Goat Milk Bath - Transform Your Bath Into a Luxurious Spa!

Mad Mimsy

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Really, dragon lady? That’s total bullsh#it. You’re a boss, in life, at work, at home, in the world. You own your strength and stand up for yourself. Why does that make you a dragon lady?

This milk bath is soothing and good for your skin. Take yourself back to Cleopatra (the ultimate boss b#tch) and plop yourself into this luxurious milk bath and tell the world to go f#ck itself. When you emerge from this bath, your skin will be hydrated and soft and you'll still be a total boss.

Options come in a variety of scents as well as unscented (see scent options below). This goat milk bath soak will nourish, exfoliate, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Basically, it'll be a rockstar in the tub. Goat milk contains vitamins A & D (helps repair cells for healthy skin), it is rich in lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid). But wait, there's more! It will also improve the look and feel of your skin!

This goat milk bath is made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or anti-clumping agents used. Keep water out of the jar, shake thoroughly if clumping occurs (or just break up any clumps with your fingers).

Scent Options: (choose your favorites, or try them all!)

Just Calm Down is an essential oil blend to promote stress reduction and calmness.
Why Such A Sour Face? Smile! is an essential oil blend with citrus overtones including lemon and orange
#HomeSpa #NoTubPic #JustAddWine is a fragrance blend reminiscent of a luxurious spa
Basic B#tches Love Basic Beaches is a fragrance blend reminiscent of an ocean breeze

Net Volume: 8 ounces
Ingredients: Mimsy Attitude! Also, powdered goat milk, cornstarch, sodium bicarbonate, scent

Instructions:  Add a desired amount ( 2 or 3 spoons will do or more if you'd like). Relax and enjoy.

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