Barefoot & Pregnant Gift Set

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Yay! You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Have you thought about how much labor will hurt? Or stretch marks? Or daycare? Or the price of diapers? Ok, ok, We'll stop. Don’t you hate it when all the moms you know tell you their horror stories? It terrified us and by the 8th month of hearing that stupid stuff, we really wanted to slap someone. A close second was the end stages of pregnancy when people start saying Wow! You're Huge! Ugh. Seriously, people have no idea how to have a normal conversation anymore.

This gift set includes: 
Breeder Belly Butter - Stretch Marks Can Suck It!
Resting B#tch Face Clarifying Mask - It's Not A Tumor!
Titty Twister Nipple Balm for Nursing Mothers
It's All In Your Head Headache Balm

Dragon Lady Goat Milk Bath

These five items to help you get through pregnancy, and newborn adjustment. For full descriptions see below (or individual listings)

All my items are made with all natural products, no additives, preservatives or chemicals added.

Breeder Belly Butter - Stretch Marks Can Suck It!

This all natural product is a cross between a butter and a mousse. It goes on smooth and has a light scent from the essential oils used. The oils added are proven to help moisturize your belly and help it grow. We add no scent and no color to this formula. The color you see comes from the butters, oils and essential oils added to this fantastic formula. That baby doesn’t need anything manufactured or unnatural! Only the best for you!

Resting B#tch Face Clarifying Mask - It's Not A Tumor!
This face mask is clarifying & conditioning, your skin will feel renewed and regenerated without the use of botox or chemical peels. After use, your skin will be soft and supple ready for another day of side eye. You'll help keep pimples and blackheads at bay with this face mask.

Why powder? We don’t add any preservatives to our products. Because of that, this product is in powder form. If it was in a liquid state, it wouldn’t be shelf stable without additives and preservatives. You're welcome. No one thanks us enough.

Titty Twister Nipple Balm

So you went through all nine months of being pregnant, delivery, stretch marks, heartburn, headaches, swollen feet, acne… and now you get the joy of having a baby chew on your nipples all day and night. Lucky you!

This is all natural, unscented, no essential oils. Your baby is going to put its mouth there, yaknow?

It's All In Your Head Headache Balm

Yeah, of course it’s in my head, it’s a headache a$$hole. And it hurts. Stress headaches, tension headaches, sinus headaches, allergy headaches, they suck balls. We don’t imagine them, they’re real and a fact of life.

Not only does this help relieve your headache pain, it smells good. Like, really good. 

Dragon Lady Goat Milk Bath 

Options come in a variety of scents as well as unscented (see scent options below). This goat milk bath soak will nourish, exfoliate, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Basically, it'll be a rockstar in the tub. Goat milk contains vitamins A & D (helps repair cells for healthy skin), it is rich in lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid). But wait, there's more! It will also improve the look and feel of your skin!

This goat milk bath is made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or anti-clumping agents used. Keep water out of the jar, shake thoroughly if clumping occurs (or just break up any clumps with your fingers).

Dragon Lady Goat Milk Bath Scent Descriptions:

Just Calm Down is an essential oil blend to promote stress reduction and calmness.
Why Such A Sour Face? Smile! is an essential oil blend with citrus overtones including lemon and orange
#HomeSpa #NoTubPic #JustAddWine is a fragrance blend reminiscent of a luxurious spa
Basic B#tches Love Basic Beaches is a fragrance blend reminiscent of an ocean breeze

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