Mimsies Unite!

Many years ago, I found this reproduction of an online ad that I found hysterical. It immediately became the battle cry of my friends and I. We vowed to embrace the 'mimsy' label and own it. We've owned it so much, and so well, that we are now referred to the mimsies. I'm not convinced people know our individual names anymore.

Each of my friends has their separate place in the mimsy clan, I'm the tough exterior woman who's spent decades in the corporate world hearing and seeing the micro-aggression's as they happen. Some of those aggression's were not so 'micro', that's for sure. 

Just to list a few, I've been told I need more education, need less education, am over qualified, am under-qualified, am too blunt, am too subtle, am too self assured, have no self confidence, have too many opinions, offer my opinions too freely, don't offer my opinions enough, am too loud, too quiet.... basically every opposing view you could possibly imagine. On more than one occasion I challenged these 'opportunities for feedback' by asking if these same conversations were taking place with my male counterparts. That particular question led to me being labeled as a troublemaker.  

With regular feedback like that it's no wonder I was confused. But, because I'm me, and completely driven by my own self absurdness as well as a very healthy self-confidence, I never listened to those pieces of feedback. 

Which lead me to today. I've been crafting my own all natural products for years but this whole Mad Mimsy idea came to me over some foot scrub. I ran out of my favorite store bought foot scrub. After many trials and errors, I was able to create a foot scrub that I not only love, but is WAY better than anything I've ever purchased. Branching out from there to include lip balm, scrubs, soaks, lotions, and on and on. That;s how Mad Mimsy was born!  And what better way to do it than with a strong sense of humor and irony! Embrace the ridiculous label and the stigma and throw a huge middle finger to those that perpetuate the sexism at the same time!


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  • I love your products! I bought the Mother’s Day Sets for me and my two daughters.. The girls love it all too! They are all fabulous— and my personal favorites are the “Yeah I’m Abrasive F*ck You” moisturizing salt scrub, that is mild, yet very effective. Smells like coffee grinds! Includes Almond and Olive oils and Vitamin E. Fabulous! And the “You’re Pretty Needy Body Mousse” Wonderful! Very moisturizing. Smells delish— I want to eat all these products! Keep it up!

    Debbie C

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